Audio Recorder App is an all-in-one recording application that will enable you to record your precious sessions, concerts, conferences, meetings and much more.

Advance HD Audio Recorder

Record, Edit, Play, Share and Enjoy!

You can experiment with sound by recording in various formats, editing and trimming the recording, and play with different playback controls.

Audio I/O Device Support

Support for different I/O devices. Like bluetooth, headphones, external mic, speakers, etc.

Audio Recorder

Unlimited Recording (Tested up to 20 hours).
Auto pause and auto resume recording.

Recording Formats & Quality

Different recording formats: AIFF, WAV, CAF, M4A.
Different Quality: Low, Medium, High, Max.

Do more with Audio Recorder

Continue Recording

Append audio recording into existing audio recording.

Auto Stop Recording

Recording will automatically stop in specific time interval.

Recording Interval

Automatic recording interval based on the selected durations like 15 Min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc.

Trimming Audio

Trimming the audio on a specific start and end time.

Audio Converter

Convert to mp3 and m4a.

Fast Forward and Backward.

Play the audio with advanced playback options.

Smart Features

File Management

File Management Options (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, etc.). Make Zip with multiple recordings.

Private Recordings

Store your private recordings in private folder. Secured with password.

Cloud Storage

Upload your recordings to different clouds. Background upload support. Import from clouds.

Wifi & FTP File Sharing

You can access your Audio Recorder App files on your Computer/Mac web browser.

Client Testimonial

What they think of us?

Gain loved by the users: more than 100k positive customer reviews and feedback.

Review By Tasha Mariee

23 March, 2021 10:25 AM

High quality sound recorder

Records very clear audio, records while phone screen is off. However when the phone rings it stopped recording. Could fix that, otherwise it is an all around good recording app. I would highly recommend it. IfYou needed to record things for school or conversations anything like that it has high quality.

Review By Enginear Jim

24 May, 2022 10:25 AM

Sound Designer’s

I love this app! So often I stumble onto a sound, something in the field... without my usual (bulky:) field recording rig, and can capture something I might never capture otherwise. Is my phone/mic ideal? Nope:). But I never have to say, “if only... “ What he said, so true! Then I go home and Airdrop to ProTools:).

Review By Marinaw7

30 Sep, 2019 10:25 AM

Recording app

Extremely useful. Helps me to assess my performance in piano playing. I can delete the disastrous performances and save the ones that give me hope. I can make comparisons with current and past efforts. I can listen to my weak areas and seek to improve them. Very nice app!

Review By Astergawker

30 July, 2020 10:25 AM

Almost perfect music sketchbook

I use it to record music ideas as they come up, wherever I am. Great if you just woke up with a tune in your head and want to get it down before it goes away. Or on the road. You get the idea. I love that I can store the recordings in my choice of cloud service.

What's Your Price?

The app is a one-time purchase for lifetime use.

In Pro version you can use Continue recording to existing recordings, Audio trimming, Convert to mp3/m4a, Cloud Sharing and No Advertisements.

App Screenshots!

Audio Recorder & Voice Editor

You can experiment with sound by recording in various formats, editing and trimming the recording, and play with different playback controls.

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