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PDF Export is an Advance documents to PDF converter for iPhone and iPad.
You can scan the documents and convert them into PDF


PDF Converter

Edit PDF

Merge PDF

Split PDF

Unlock PDF


Add Watermark

Rotate PDF


PDF Scanner

Scan like Pro

Scanner - Remove Distortions

The PDF Scanner feature within the PDF Export app helps users to scan their external files through the camera feature, and store the content in PDF format. This feature also removes blemishes and distractions through the scanning feature.

Scanner Option

  • Camera
  • Photo Library
  • Select File from App
  • Sketch
  • Map Snap
  • Rich Text Editor

Search, Bookmark, Thumbnail & Mark up

PDF Viewer & Mark Up

  • The tool offers users the ability to search file names as well as terms used within content of the PDF files.
  • Users can also annotate PDF files and bookmark them based on topics of interest.
  • They can view thumbnails of the documents for viewing the content within a document without opening them.
  • Additionally, one can develop table of contents based on the topics within the PDF files, and the ability to share the document with other stakeholders through different social media channels and other mediums.
  • PDF Export - PDF Editor & Scan

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How many pages we can scan for per file?

    According to our preliminary tests you can scan up to 300 pages without any issues.

    Can I add annotations to a PDF file?

    Yes, You can add annotations to the PDF file before exporting it.

    Can I add digital signature to the PDF file?

    Yes, You can add digital signature to the PDF file.

    What are the key features and attributes of the PDF Export app?

    The prominent features of the PDF export app includes: Inbuilt Scanner, Convert DOCs to PDF, Merge PDF files, Split PDF, Convert PDF to JPEG, OCR Capabilities, Convert Web Page to PDF, Unlock Password-Protected PDF, Convert PDF to TXT, Secure PDF, Add watermark, Rotate PDF, etc.

    Does the PDF Export app includes search PDF functionality?

    Yes. PDF Export app allows users to search for words, phrases, and files comprehensively.

    Can we organise documents into specific folders?

    Yes. The File Manager functionality in the app helps users to create folders, organize files in folder and move/copy files between folder.

    Does the app support cloud storage of the files?

    Yes, The app supports cloud storage of PDF files through Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync, Google Drive, Box.net, Evernote, WebDav Server and FTP Server. Users can upload and download files from the cloud server as required.

    How does the PDF Export app manage image compression?

    The PDF Export app offers comprehensive image compression functionality for its Scanner feature and PDF to JPEG attribute. Our image compression standards enable creation of PDF files with smaller sizes without compromising on quality.

    How can we share files from the PDF Export app to the PC?

    You can use iTunes sharing or WiFi sharing to transfer files from the app to the PC.

    What is the need for an online PDF Converter app?

    We leverage the online PDF converter app to convert complex .doc files to PDF, available on subscription for getting 100% quality output and without watermarks.

    Is there iCloud Sync capability in the app?

    Yes, All files present in the iCloud folder can be synced automatically to other iCloud Devices.

    Does the app create a separate backup of all files for tracking purposes?

    The app does not store/upload any file on our server for any kind of tracking purposes, maintaining data security and integrity.

    Can we create ZIP files to combine multiple files in the app?

    Yes, you can create several ZIP files to combine multiple files or folders in a single extractable folder.

    Can I add PDF File in Scanner Option?

    Yes. You can add multiple PDF files using select file option in scanner.

    Can I convert PDF file to Images?

    Yes. You can convert PDF file to Images (JPEG).

    Can I merge multiple PDF Files?

    Yes. You can merge multiple PDF files to single PDF file

    Which Documents format supported for Convert to PDF?

    Office documents like .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pages, keynote ,image etc.

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